Mrs. Deepali Bhalerao

Namo Namah!  I am Mrs. Deepali Milan Bhalerao. When I had come to the clinic on 23rd Feb 2019, I was having multiple problems from high BP to pain in my entire left side. Then after blood report, I was also detected with diabetes and less calcium level.
Within the first 3 days of massage & steam, I was feeling much better. The pain had gone my BP was normal. With the Ayurved medicines given by this dhanwantari, I felt better & better by every single day. She had suggested me Panchakarma for 14 days. Seeing the results of first 3 days of massage & steam I decided to go in for this treatment. I was able to reverse the stroke and diabetes with the timely Panchakarma treatment given by Dr. Rupali. I was so blessed that being an MD doctor dear Rupali she had no inhibitions is giving massage to me. She made medicines, kadhas by herself & treated me with such love, respect & kindness that I have healed really fast. 🙂 She has timely suggested me what I am supposed to eat, what I should avoid! With her persona, I was able to pour out my feelings & heart was clean. My body is done with toxins. I feel as if I am reborn with her efforts, her consistency, her dedication and devotion towards her profession. I see the passionate loving person as she is & with great care and tenderness she handles her patients.

May God bless Dr. Rupali with lots of love, respect, peace, prosperity, happiness and a fulfilling magnificent life ahead. Thankyou. Thankyou. Thankyou.

I am grateful to you and indebted to you. Love you.

Mrs. Deepali Milan Bhalerao