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Garbhasanskar at Aatreya Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center

Garbh means foetus.Sanskar means education. Garbhsanskar simply means Education of the foetus.

Garbhsanskar is based on the research that says ‘Baby is able to respond to outside influences such as music and other sounds as well as mothers thoughts and feelings in the womb.

Garbhsanskar has the wide meaning, its not just the therapy including medicines and diet but it is an emotion. It is the connection of the mother to the unborn tiny foetus , which leads to healthy baby, physically ,mentally and spiritually.

Our garbhsanskar pattern includes a holistic approach to the pregnancy.

The programme is designed for the healthy well being of both baby and mother.

Features of our GARBHSANSKAR PROGRAMME includes

  • Monthwise Pattern
  • Monthwise Development of Foetus
  • Diet
  • Personalized meditation sessions
  • Personalized yoga sessions
  • Ayurvedic medicinal support for the healthy foetus

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